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Student Schedules and Chromebook Distribution

Hi Clear Lake Families,

We are now less than three weeks before the start of the new school year on September 14th. Many of you and your children have questions about what Comprehensive Distance Learning will look like this fall, especially compared to the emergency distance learning in the spring. Thank you so much for your patience.

With significant input from parents and teachers – and detailed guidance from the state – we have developed schedules for Clear Lake students. Actual schedules can and will vary, and could also change as the school year progresses.

One of our top priorities was to create a schedule that reduced class size for K-5. In order to do this, Bethel plans to split homeroom classes into two cohorts (AM/PM) for distance learning. The  configuration will look different when we transition to a hybrid model, but we will be able to continue with two cohorts and small class sizes. 

Students scheduled in the AM would receive “live” teacher instruction for 1.5-2.0 hours in the morning and their afternoon would be flexible to include non-live on/offline activities and opportunities to apply their learning. Students in the PM cohort would start their day with the inverse and access their live instruction in the afternoon. At Clear Lake, this means that “live” daily sessions will have between 12-15 students per cohort.

Comprehensive Distance Learning will include:

  • A consistent daily schedule for “live” instruction
  • Small class sizes (for CDL and hybrid models)
  • Attendance taken by the teacher every day
  • Daily “live” teacher instruction for 1.5-2 hours (K-3 = 1.5hrs, 4-5 = 2hrs)
  • Turned in work with teacher feedback 
  • Frequent opportunities for peer to peer interactions, differentiation and small group instruction
  • Interventions and support via push-in and pull-out models
  • Instruction in a variety of forms: explicit instruction, guided instruction and independent practice
  • Access to music and PE instruction weekly
  • Daily care and connection
  • A Wednesday schedule that looks a little bit different. Students will Zoom with their teacher in the morning for a shortened time and have applied learning activities for the remainder of the school day

Click here for a Clear Lake Sample Schedule

Families will receive a phone call from the school next week to share more grade-level details, answer questions, and confirm morning or afternoon live learning sessions.

Chromebook Distribution: Bethel School District will check out Chromebooks to K-12 students who need a device to take part in Comprehensive Distance Learning. Below is the schedule for pick-up at Willamette High School next Monday-Thursday.

Monday, 8/31

7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.        WHS students with last name A-F

9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.      WHS students with last name G-L

12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.      WHS students with last name M-R

2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.        WHS students with last name S-Z


Tuesday, 9/1

7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.         Mid students with last name A-F

9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.       Mid students with last name G-L

12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.       Mid students with last name M-R

2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.         Mid students with last name S-Z


Wednesday, 9/2

7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.         Elem students with last name A-E

9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.       Elem students with last name F-L

12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.      Elem students with last name M-R

2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.        Elem students with last name S-Z


Thursday, 9/3

Noon-7:00pm                   Remaining student pick-up K-12

Hola familias de Clear Lake,

Estamos a menos de tres semanas del comienzo del nuevo año escolar, el 14 de septiembre. Muchos de ustedes y sus hijos tienen preguntas sobre cómo será la educación a distancia este otoño, especialmente en comparación con la educación a distancia de emergencia de la primavera. Muchas gracias por su paciencia.

Con la importante aportación de los padres y profesores – y la orientación detallada del estado – hemos desarrollado horarios para los estudiantes de Clear Lake, Los horarios reales pueden y van a variar, y también podrían cambiar a medida que avance el año escolar.

Para crear clases más pequeñas, cada grado se ha dividido en grupos o cohortes más pequeños (AM/PM). Los estudiantes programados en la mañana AM recibirían instrucción de su maestro “en vivo” por la mañana y su tarde será flexible para incluir actividades que no sean en línea o en vivo y oportunidades para aplicar su aprendizaje. Los estudiantes del cohorte de la tarde PM cambiaran ese horario, accediendo a su instrucción en vivo por la tarde.

Cada nivel de grado tiene una cantidad diferente de minutos de instrucción, pero aquí hay una muestra.

Clear Lake Sample Schedule

  • El horario del estudiante de Clear Lake incluye una rutina predecible combinada con flexibilidad
  • Los estudiantes seguirán accediendo a las cuatro clases de contenido básico a diario
  • Parte del día incluirá clases básicas con instrucción en vivo e incluirá oportunidades de colaboración entre estudiantes, evaluación y calificación basada en estándares.
  • Otra parte del día será flexible y estará diseñada para que los estudiantes apliquen sus conocimientos y habilidades del aprendizaje facilitado por el maestro.
  • Los estudiantes también tendrán acceso a música o educación física en un formato en línea.
  • Aquí hay un calendario preliminar, pero las cuatro materias básicas pueden estar en un orden diferente cuando se finalicé el horario de su hijo/a.

Las familias recibirán una llamada telefónica de la escuela la próxima semana para compartir más detalles de nivel de grado, responder preguntas y confirmar sesiones de aprendizaje en vivo por la mañana o por la tarde.

Distribución de Chromebook: El Distrito Escolar de Bethel prestara Chromebooks a los estudiantes de K-12 que necesiten un dispositivo para participar en el Aprendizaje Integral a Distancia. Abajo se muestra el horario para poder recoger un dispositivo en la Escuela de Willamette, el próximo lunes a jueves.

Lunes, 31/8

7:30 a.m.-9: 30 a.m.        Estudiantes de WHS con apellido A-F

9:30 a.m.-11: 30 a.m.      Estudiantes de WHS con apellido G-L

12:30 p.m. a 2:00 p.m.   Estudiantes de WHS con apellido M-R

2:00 p.m. a 4:00 p.m.      Estudiantes de WHS con apellido S-Z


Martes, 1/9

7:30 a.m.-9: 30 a.m.        Estudiantes de secundaria con apellido A-F

9:30 a.m.-11: 30 a.m.      Estudiantes de secundaria con apellido G-L

12:30 p.m. a 2:00 p.m.   Estudiantes de secundaria con apellido M-R

2:00 p.m. a 4:00 p.m.      Estudiantes de secundaria con apellido S-Z


Miércoles, 2/9

7:30 a.m.-9: 30 a.m.        Estudiantes de primaria con apellido A-E

9:30 a.m.-11: 30 a.m.      Estudiantes de primaria con apellido F-L

12:30 p.m. a 2:00 p.m.   Estudiantes de primaria con apellido M-R

2:00 p.m. a 4:00 p.m.      Estudiantes de primaria con apellido S-Z


Jueves, 3/9

Mediodía-7: 00pm           Recoger para los estudiantes restantes K-12


Bethel To Vote On No-Tax-Increase School Bond

Clear Lake families will vote on the Bethel School Bond in November. The bond would fund safety improvements at Clear Lake.

The Bethel School Board has unanimously approved a bond measure for the November ballot, one that will not increase the current tax rate.

The bond was recommended by a large District committee of community members, staff, and architects that spent months studying the facilities and programs in Bethel.

The bond would address student safety at Clear Lake by redesigning the front entrance. It would provide a covered play area for rainy day recess, update our textbooks and student computers for in-person and remote learning, and make basic repairs to our roof, flooring, and ventilation system.

It would build a Vocational Ed Center at Willamette High School to create a modern learning space for hands-on programs like Computer Programming, Construction Design, Healthcare, and Robotics.

And, Cascade Middle School would also be replaced. The oldest school in the District, Cascade was built in 1955 and has numerous structural, mechanical and design issues that were identified in official reports submitted to the state.

In addition, if the $99 million bond passes, Bethel will be granted another $6 million in matching grants from the state.

Bethel’s last bond also did not increase anyone’s tax rate, and was passed by voters in 2012 with a 73% Yes vote.

La Junta Escolar de Bethel aprobó por unanimidad una medida de bonos para la boleta electoral de noviembre, una que no aumentará la tasa impositiva actual. Continue reading

Project Hope Back-to-School Giveaway


We are thrilled to announce that Project Hope will be taking place again this year.

Mark your calendar for Willamette High School, Sunday, August 30 from 1-6 pm.

Project Hope is a collaboration of local faith organizations that provides clothes and supplies to Eugene families.

Each student will receive a backpack filled with school supplies, a pair of shoes and socks.

Please call Clear Lake to sign up for a time to attend. If you have students in more than one school, you can sign up all of your children by calling one school.

You will have a time assigned, so please arrive at that time, not before. We have carefully assigned times to honor state safety guidelines.

Help us keep Project Hope safe (COVID-19 Procedures): Please come with face coverings and be prepared to keep 6ft distance from others. Please do not attend if you are ill, or have been around someone who is ill. 


Estamos encantados de anunciar que Proyecto Esperanza se llevará a cabo nuevamente este año.

Marque su calendario para el Domingo, 30 de Agosto de 1 a 6 pm en la Escuela Preparatoria Willamette.

Cada estudiante recibirá una mochila llena de útiles escolares, un par de zapatos y calcetines.

Por favor llame Clear Lake inscribirse y obtener un horario para asistir. Si tiene estudiantes en más de una escuela, puede inscribir a todos sus hijos llamando a una escuela.

Se le asignará una hora, así que llegue a esa hora, no antes. Hemos asignado tiempos cuidadosamente para cumplir con las pautas de seguridad estatales.

Ayúdenos a mantener seguro el Proyecto Esperanza (Procedimientos COVID-19): venga con cubiertas y esté preparado para mantener una distancia de 6 pies de los demás. Por favor, no asista si está enfermo o ha estado cerca de alguien que está enfermo.  

School Calendar Changes; Register Now

School Calendar Changes: We are working hard to make remote learning at the start of the school year more robust, engaging and rewarding for students. All Bethel schools will continue with remote learning through at least October 23.  Meanwhile, in order to properly train all staff on the new and improved version of remote learning, the first official day of school in Bethel will be September 14.

Important Parent Survey: When the time comes that we are able to transition to in-school instruction, you will be given a choice of whether to continue with 100% online learning. We are trying to determine how many students might choose to stay with online learning or in-person instruction. Please take this very brief survey. Your input will help Bethel schools determine staffing for both programs.

Student Registration: Now is the time to register your student for the coming school year. Please click here to register. All students will take part in remote learning to start the school year, but first all students must be registered. If you need help with the process, call our school office at (541) 689-0511

Chromebooks For Students: The District is once again planning to distribute Chromebooks to those students without adequate access to a device for remote learning. When you take the Parent Survey it will also help us determine the technology need, so our school can begin making plans for distributing the Chromebooks.

School Supplies: Great news! Bethel will be providing nearly all school supplies for its students. All your child needs is a backpack, and we can help with that, too. These supplies will mostly be used when our schools reopen, but some items might be needed during remote learning. Watch for further details on how to access Bethel’s school supplies.

District Support: Bethel has gathered a supply of essential supplies and is eager to get them into the hands of families. These include dry and canned food, household cleaning products, and personal hygiene products, toilet paper and diapers. Call the District Office for more information: 541-689-3280.

Project Hope: This annual community service event will take place Sunday, August 30, in the Willamette High School courtyard with social distancing protocols in place. Free shoes, backpacks and some school supplies will be provided. Watch for information on the sign-up in our principal’s blog.


Cambios en el Calendario Escolar: Estamos trabajando arduamente para que el aprendizaje remoto al comienzo del año escolar sea más sólido, atractivo y gratificante para los estudiantes.  Todas las escuelas de Bethel continuarán con el aprendizaje remoto hasta al menos hasta el 23 de Octubre.  Mientras tanto, para capacitar adecuadamente a todo el personal en la nueva y mejorada versión del aprendizaje remoto, el primer día oficial de clases en Bethel será el 14 de Septiembre.

Encuesta Importante Para los Padres: Cuando llegue el momento en que podamos hacerla transición a la instrucción en la escuela, se le dará la opción de continuar con el aprendizaje al 100% en línea. Estamos tratando de determinar cuántos estudiantes podrían optar por quedarse con el aprendizaje en línea o la instrucción en persona. Por favor, responda esta breve encuesta. Su opinión ayudará a las escuelas de Bethel a determinar la dotación de personal para ambos programas.

Registración del Estudiante: Ahora es el momento de inscribir a su estudiante para el próximo año escolar. Por favor haga clic aquí para registrar a su estudiante. Todos los estudiantes participarán en el aprendizaje a distancia para comenzar el año escolar, pero primero todos los estudiantes deben estar registrados. Si necesita ayuda con el proceso, llame a la oficina de nuestra escuela al 541-689-0511

Computadoras Para Los Estudiantes: El Distrito una vez más planea distribuir las computadoras a aquellos estudiantes que no tienen acceso adecuado a un dispositivo para aprendizaje remoto. Cuando usted realice la Encuesta Para Padres, también nos ayudará a determinar la necesidad de tecnología, para que nuestra escuela pueda comenzar a hacer planes para distribuir las Computadoras.

Útiles Escolares: ¡Buenas noticias! Bethel proporcionará casi todos los útiles escolares para sus estudiantes. Todo lo que su hijo necesita es una mochila y también podemos ayudarle con eso. Estos útiles se utilizarán principalmente cuando nuestras escuelas vuelvan a abrir, pero es posible que se necesiten algunos elementos durante el aprendizaje remoto. Esté atento a más detalles sobre cómo acceder a los útiles escolares de Bethel.

Apoyo del Distrito: Bethel ha reunido un suministro de suministros esenciales y está ansioso por ponerlos en manos de las familias. Estos incluyen alimentos secos y enlatados, productos de limpieza para el hogar y productos de higiene personal, papel higiénico y pañales. Llame a la Oficina del Distrito para obtener más información: 541-689-3280.

Proyecto Esperanza: Este evento anual de servicio comunitario se llevará a cabo el Domingo 30 de Agosto, en el patio de la Escuela Preparatoria Willamette con protocolos de distanciamiento social establecidos. Se proporcionarán zapatos, mochilas y algunos útiles escolares gratis. Esté atento a la información sobre el registro en el blog de nuestro director.

Bethel Schools To Start With Online Instruction

Hi Clear Lake Families,

We have an important development to share about the start of the coming school year.

– Tuesday afternoon the State issued new rules for opening Oregon schools to in-person instruction, requiring a consistently low rate of new COVID cases. Neither Lane County nor the state of Oregon are currently meeting those low rates of new infection.

– Bethel schools are continuing to plan for a return to in-person instruction at some point during the 2020-21 school year.

– The #1 priority remains the health and safety for our students, families, and staff.

Opening Online: It has become clear that we must start the school year with 100% online instruction for all students. We will welcome all students back into our schools as soon as public health conditions allow.

This decision is a disappointment to many students and families who have been anticipating a return to school.  It is also a relief to those who have been hesitant about a return to in-person instruction in the midst of a pandemic.

Here are the new required COVID-19 baseline numbers we need to meet in order for us to open schools for in-person instruction. We were at these rates in May and June, and they are our new community-wide goal:

Lane County metrics– must be met three weeks in a row:

– 10 or fewer positive cases per 100,000 population in the preceding 7 days

– 5% or fewer positive tests in Lane County in the preceding 7 days

–  AND –

State metric must be met three weeks in a row:

– Test positivity rate of 5% or less in the preceding 7 days

K-3 Students: The state is more lenient on the baseline COVID numbers for opening doors for K-3 students. Research shared by Oregon Health Authority has shown that children under 10 get the virus at lower rates, get less sick, and spread the virus less than older students and adults.

So, while there is a possibility we will bring back K-3 students earlier than grades 4-12, all students will start with Bethel Online learning. We will share updates with you as soon as possible.

Bethel Online Learning: While starting this school year remotely is not ideal for many students and families, we have learned from the feedback our Bethel families provided after our emergency distance learning experience this spring. Bethel is committed to offering every child a rigorous online curriculum, five days a week, with daily contact from our dedicated Bethel teachers. We are committed to ensuring that our students continue to have access to the wide variety of classes and experiences available with in-person learning. To learn more about Bethel Online learning, click here.

Our goal remains to bring Bethel students and staff back to school as soon as is safely possible. The lower COVID-19 rates required by the state will become a community-wide goal that we can achieve by being diligent in our own health and safety behaviors.

So, while watching the COVID-19 numbers each day, our work is continuing, in order to provide the best possible education for all Bethel children.
Chris Parra
Bethel Superintendent

Hola, Familias de Clear Lake,

Tenemos una actualización importante que compartir sobre el comienzo del próximo año escolar.

Continue reading

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