Bethel School District Eugene OR

District Office Staff

Address: 4640 Barger Drive
Eugene OR 97402
Office Hours: 7:30 am to 5 pm
Phone: 541-689-3280
Fax: 541-689-0719
Driving Directions:
Beltline to Barger. West on Barger. See Us on Google Maps

Chris ParraChris Parra,  Superintendent
Chris began her career in education in 1989. She has been a middle school teacher, a school principal, the Director of Special Education and other programs, and a Deputy Superintendent. She has a strong knowledge of regular and special education populations in K-12. You can reach Chris via email or at 541-689-3280.


Remie CalalangRemie Calalang, Human Resources Director
Remie provides support and resources for Bethel staff and families. She represents the district at many community events and meetings. She facilitates the Bethel Safety and Equity Committee which advises on issues related to harassment, bullying and multiculturalism. Reach Remie through email or at 541-689-3280, ext. 2101.


Pat McGillivray, Community Relations
Pat is responsible for all communication within the District, with the media, and the community. He authors the monthly edition of B-mail, Bethel’s online newsletter, and publishes updates on the District home page. He is also involved in the many aspects of implementation of the School Bond. Pat can be reached via email or at 541-689-3280, ext. 2008.


Tasha KatsudaTasha Katsuda, Curriculum Director

Tasha facilitates teaching and learning throughout the district.  Her role includes implementation of high quality, standards-based instruction, facilitation of Title programs, professional development, accountability systems, and curriculum adoption.  Tasha can be reached via email or at 541-689-3280, ext 2013.


Kee ZublinKee Zublin, Curriculum Director
Kee facilitates teaching and learning throughout the District. He helps coordinate Bethel’s implementation of the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and accountability systems. Kee is the District Test Coordinator and manages the District TAG plan. He also manages the District’s On-Track student progress data, state reports, curriculum adoptions and professional development. Kee can be reached via email or at 541-689-3280 ext. 2005.


Amy TidwellAmy Tidwell, Special Services Director
As the Director of Special Services, Amy leads many instructional and health initiatives, along with several grant-funded programs. She provides support and direction for Special Services staff, including special education staff and nurses. Contact Amy by email or at 541-689-3280, ext. 2030.


Tina Gutierez-SchmichTina Gutierez-Schmich, Equity Director
Tina facilitates training, coaching, and resources to improve inclusion and access for all students and families. Her role includes implementation of culturally sustaining practices, restorative and resiliency practices, community collaboration and Title IX. Reach Tina through email or at 541-689-3280.


photo of Georgeann HartyGeorgeann Harty, Special Services Assistant Director 
Georgeann collaborates with the Special Services Director to provide support and direction for special services staff. The focus is on ensuring each student in Bethel has access to a free and appropriate public education. Contact Georgeann by email or at 541-689-3280.


photo of Donna ButeraDonna Butera, Homeless Liaison
Donna supports school stability and academic success for students who experience housing instability or homelessness. She assists with enrollment and addresses barriers to student success. Donna is also a community resource specialist and coordinates services with agencies that provide services to families and youth. Click here for more information on our McKinney-Vento Program. Contact Donna by email or call 541-607-1463.

Regina LigonRegina Ligon, Instructional Technology Coordinator
Regina provides technology integration support and resources for Bethel staff and students. She manages the District website, Google Suite for Education, Dataport, BLIS and provides technology-based professional development opportunities for staff. Reach Regina through email or at 541-607-1412.


Jill BusbyJill Busby, Assistant to the Superintendent
Jill is the Secretary to the School Board of Directors and Superintendent Chris Parra. Jill has worked for the Bethel School District since 2008. She can be reached via email or by calling 541-607-1403.



Lisa SuchmanLisa Suchman, District Consultant
Lisa works closely with teachers, counselors, and other school personnel on a consultative basis providing behavioral support and resources. Contact Lisa at 541-689-3280, ext. 2006, or by email.



Carolyn JenkinsCarolyn Jenkins, District Consultant

CJ works closely with teachers and other school personnel providing Behavior and Autism Consultation for our Life Skills classrooms, and Autism Consultation for Prairie Mountain School. Contact CJ at 541-689-3280, ext. 2038 or by email.



Sue WhiteSue White, Preschool Transition Coordinator
Sue is the Preschool Transition Coordinator for the district, as well as one of the autism consultants.  She manages the process of kindergarten transition for Bethel area preschoolers receiving early childhood support services.  Contact Sue at 541-689-0511, ext. 2122.


Seth HutchisonSeth Hutchison, Adaptive Physical Education Specialist
Seth ensures that all students in Bethel have the opportunity to develop motor skills and improve fitness via participation in the physical education curriculum. He can be reached by phone at 541-688-2620, ext. 2402, or by email.


Deni BasarabaDeni Basaraba, Data Specialist
Deni manages the student information system (eSchoolPLUS) and works with district and research partners to analyze student data to explore issues of curriculum effectiveness and equity, to develop surveys and tools, to write grants, and to disseminate work being done in the district. She also works with Bethel’s research partners to collaborate on projects and fulfill data requests. Email Deni or call her at 541-689-3280, ext. 2023.


Cheri Kuykendall, Student Accounting
Cheri tracks and inputs student data for alternative education students in all 11 schools.  She also handles student exchanges between districts, manages Average Daily Membership (ADM) state reporting and maintains the Secure Student ID (SSID) System for all Bethel students. Contact Cheri by email or phone at 541-689-3280, ex. 2026.


Zulen Medrano, Receptionist/Secretary
Zulen is the voice on the other end of the phone when you call the Bethel District Office. She also handles job applications, the board room calendar, volunteer applications and notary services. Zulen can be reached via email or by calling the district office at 541-689-3280.


Renee BrolinRenee Brolin, Administrative Assistant Renee is the Administrative Assistant for the Instruction and Special Services departments. She is responsible for Bethel’s state and federal data submissions and manages the associated records. Renee also manages the easyCBM database for the District and coordinates District Instruction tutoring or placement. Renee can be reached via email or by calling 541-689-3280, ext. 2003.


Krista BushnellKrista Bushnell, Administrative Assistant
Krista works with the Curriculum Directors to provide administrative support as well as support data collection, state assessments, essential skill requirements, and work sample processing.  In addition, Krista is the district contact for the tuition voucher and student teacher stipend program. Email Krista or call at 541-607-1434.


Amanda GodardAmanda Godard, Secretary
Amanda is the Special Education Records Secretary for the district. She checks all paperwork turned in by special education teachers and enters data for state reporting. She can be reached by email or by calling 541-689-3280, ext. 2018.