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Willamette High School’s clubs and organizations provide students with opportunities to enjoy common interests, explore new ideas, and hone particular talents, gaining a better understanding of themselves and the world they live in.




DECA is a student-based organization that helps prepare students for future careers by showing how skills learned in the classroom can be used in real life.

The top four reasons why you should join DECA:

  1. Networking
  2. Social Skills
  3. Professional Skills
  4. Leadership Skills

What we do:

  • Team building and practice sessions
  • Fundraising
  • State Conference—February, 4 days in Jantzen Beach
  • Nationals in Anaheim, Nashville, Orlando, or Atlanta

DECA is widely know in the business community. Membership looks great on resumes and college & scholarship applications.

Interested in joining? Talk to Mrs. Arnold in the Business department and get signed up!

Contact Jessica Arnold at
541-689-0731 ext. 4004

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

WHS GSA meetings are a place for students and staff to discuss, learn about, and provide & seek support for issues surrounding LGBT+ students and allies.

The purpose of the WHS Gender-Sexuality Alliance is to…

  • Reduce harassment, self-harm, and violence
  • Increase the health and well-being of students
  • Create a safe environment for learning

The WHS Gender-Sexuality Alliance meets these goals by…

  • Educating the entire Willamette community on topics related to LGBT+ individuals
  • Providing support for students attending WHS who are dealing with LGBT+-related issues
  • Assisting WHS faculty & staff members in furthering these goals

If you have any questions regarding the WHS GSA, please direct them to

Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial is a competitive, team activity, where students conduct trials based on real court cases. By portraying attorneys, witnesses, and other court officials, students learn the functions of our legal system while developing critical thinking and public speaking skills.

  • Weekly practices, starting in November, where students learn the details of a case and the court procedures of a trial. 
  • Mini-Mock Competition in December
  • Regional Tournament in March, with top teams then competing in State (and potentially Nationals). 

A role in Mock Trial can be a stepping stone to a legal career, or simply an outstanding addition to a college application or job resume. This club is the perfect place for intelligent performers with a desire to push their abilities to a higher level.

For more information, contact Dain Nelson at

Willamette Video Game Makers Club

The purpose of this club is to get students together who are interested in computer programming and making video games. WGMC participates in the Oregon Game Project Challenge, the only statewide video game design contest for Oregon youth. The WGMC also hosts an annual Mario Kart tournament and game playing expo for all students to showcase the games they have made in and out of school. No previous experience in programming or game design is required. Game Design incorporates aspects of graphic design, storytelling, media arts, computer programming, and digital music creation. There will be cookies.

For more information, contact Matt Symonds at